AdaptAbility's goal:

a bike for every special-needs child that wants one.

AdaptAbility now has its own website!

My name is Sandra Alfonzo and I am the owner of Behind Bars in Brooklyn. I was inspired to start this project while running in Prospect Park and witnessing the longing of a child in a wheelchair when he saw another child riding his bicycle, laughing, and having a wonderful time. I couldn’t ignore what I had just seen. And so, AdaptAbility was born.


Today, we outfitted one child with one bike and are already working on the second bike. However, with the number of bike shops in this great city, the sky is the limit.

Now hear this. If every customer of Behind Bars in Brooklyn donated just 25¢ to the cost of getting a flat tire fixed, in one season, and coupled with online donations, the shop could raise enough money for at least one more bike in a matter of a few months!

Families of special-needs children are already riddled with exorbitant expenses. Adding the cost of an outfitted and customized bicycle is not just unlikely, but unthinkable. Every child should have the experience of riding a bike. It really is as simple as that.

Join me in putting a smile on a child’s face, and in making the unthinkable a reality.

I encourage you to visit our website: to learn more about this project, pictures of Diego Munez receiving his custom bike, and lots more.

Thank you, and happy riding.

Sandra Alfonzo